Oscars 2013

It’s that time of the year again! The 2013 Oscars are here, due to be held tonight in glittering Hollywood. The magic of Google has informed me that, with an 8:30PM EST start time, it will begin at roughly 1:30AM for those of us wanting to watch it live here in the UK. Of course, … Continue reading

Romance In Two Dimensions

My my, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? But here I am, back with a blog on Valentine’s Day, because I love you all of course. Since my last blog, a lot has changed in my animation career. I’ve had the great fortune to work on some fantastic projects with some brilliant creative minds, and … Continue reading

D.I.Y.C – Do-It-Yourself Crisis

Sometimes in our lives, we need a bit of a change of scenery. Some of us travel. Some of us will go off and explore somewhere new. And some of us – we silly fools – decide that the best course of action is to redecorate the house. That photo there is my bedroom – … Continue reading

The Odd, The Old & The Vintage

I’ll begin this with a brief FYI – ‘White Blank Page’ by Mumford & Sons is a very appropriate soundtrack to opening a Word document and attempting to write a blog entry. That said, whilst I’m scratching at my grey matter to string words together into coherent sentences, there’s a lot going on creatively for … Continue reading

On With The Show(reel)!

They say that the one thing that someone in the creative industry should have is a showreel. That is no exception for animators, so goodness knows why it’s taken me so bloomin’ long to get round to stitching together my own. Mind you, owning decent editing software makes one hell of a difference – I … Continue reading

Practice Makes Perfect… Eventually.

There really is something about getting new software that turns someone involved in the digital arts into the equivalent of a over-excited five-year-old on Christmas Day. You tear off the packaging, start playing with your shiny new toy, and forget about everything else around you. Of course, I am absolutely no exception, and this is … Continue reading

Festival Time!

A hectic schedule leaves annoyingly little time for maintaining good blogging habits, but happily it does give you plenty to write about once you chain yourself to your keyboard once again! Between graduating in a beautiful ceremony at Canterbury Cathedral at the very end of January there and working on some very exciting projects (both … Continue reading

Carousel Horse

A little sneak peek into my next animation project! It’s only a very short piece around the subject of a carousel. It’s a bit different from normal animations, because it’s intended to be screened in a 360° format; therefore, it loops round and round. Meaning, if you were stood in the centre of the circular … Continue reading

In Support Of Sleep

Anyone who bases their career on a freelance basis, be that as an artist, writer, or PR guru, will understand the importance of trying to trying to keep as many plates spinning as possible at once. Why? The need for an income, that’s why. It’s all very well and good taking on a single project … Continue reading

Under The Surface Production Work

Hopefully you enjoyed ‘Under The Surface’, posted earlier today! Here’s a little insight into some of the pre-production material I worked on to create the film: Original Animatic I thought it might be fun to show my original rough idea! The images in this are from my original storyboarding/scripting work. In my own personal projects, … Continue reading